Dieticians give information regarding your food and nutritional habits. When a patient makes a decision to undergo bariatric or obesity surgery, dieticians are required pre-operatively to assess your dietary and eating habits. These assessments help your surgeon to decide if you are ready for the surgery.

The assessments involve:

  • Tracking the change in your eating habits
  • Assessing your efforts to change your eating habits and live a healthy lifestyle over time.
  • Collecting information regarding your dietary habits which may cause problems post surgically

Psychologists help you to cope with mental health issues. Patients who decide to have bariatric surgery will require assessment of their mental state and counselling prior to surgery to assess their preparedness for the changes following bariatric surgery. Prior to your surgery your psychologist will assess your emotional stability and inform you regarding any psychiatric or emotional crisis you may face after the surgery.

Some of the important assessments which are performed prior to the bariatric surgery are:

  • If you have a history of behaviour related to suicidal tendency or self-destruction
  • If you have been hospitalized previously due to a psychiatric condition
  • If you had been diagnosed with any psychiatric conditions previously and the risk that the condition might relapse
  • If the surgery would have any major impact on your emotional or psychiatric behaviour

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